Reflections by Melayu Lama

KFC Staff Racist?

Posted in Uncategorized by Melayu Lama on February 11, 2012

: Ivana Trump once told Marla Maples to her face “pearls before swine”. Pigs are used as universal deragatory terms with no racial connotations attached. Another example is “greedy pig”, it’s hardly race-specific. So when someone tells you “kalau nak makan buat sendirilah b*bi” it’s hardly racial until the respondent replies “cib*i punya Melayu”. Kudos to the staff of Kfc i-City, not for being Malay, but for beating up, not a Chinese, but a racist….

Ah well, KFC and NFC, which ones your pick? Chicken or Beef?

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