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KFC Staff Racist?

Posted in Uncategorized by Melayu Lama on February 11, 2012

: Ivana Trump once told Marla Maples to her face “pearls before swine”. Pigs are used as universal deragatory terms with no racial connotations attached. Another example is “greedy pig”, it’s hardly race-specific. So when someone tells you “kalau nak makan buat sendirilah b*bi” it’s hardly racial until the respondent replies “cib*i punya Melayu”. Kudos to the staff of Kfc i-City, not for being Malay, but for beating up, not a Chinese, but a racist….

Ah well, KFC and NFC, which ones your pick? Chicken or Beef?


Stick to your Kopi ya?

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Watching the Youtube of azhar idrus banning coke
and ribena I can’t help but be reminded of Wayne
Newton’s character in the Bond movie “License to
Kill”. Like Newton in the movie, idrus is another
preacher who will most likely derail the common
sense of his followers in due time.

I guess idrus doesn’t attend weddings at Felda Merak Kayangan and have Tapai for dessert?

God gave us a brain for a purpose, to see/listen, evaluate then judge what is right or wrong with the Quran as our guide and not some Saturday Night Live standup comedy type preaching. Faith is serious business, although a private affair between the humble being and Allah Subhanahuwata’ala, it’s still nonetheless serious business. When will the sensational hungry audience of idrus realize that and go back to the Quran?

Meanwhile, I suggest they don’t drink Coke lah and stick to their locally brewed Kopi whatever which was brewed in conditions possibly much less hygienic than say the Coke or Ribena factories.

Isn’t hygiene a requirement in Islam? Who’s more Islamic then?

Arab = Pious? Really?

Posted in Uncategorized by Melayu Lama on May 28, 2011

Of late there seems to be a shift in the Malay trend of naming children. The majority of which seem to be heading towards the Arabs. Somehow, today’s culture sees Arabization as a means to overcompensate for a void in their lives they start naming their newborns with funny sounding names that the letter “A” spelt with an apostrophe to stress on the ” ‘ain ” sound a-la Arabs. Then some even go as far a as translating Arabic words into Malay to get a so-called ” ‘afdal” meaning to their Kids’ names….

Hello! Reality check please…. Names do not ensure or even remotely determine the outcome of one’s morals. I have personally met several chaps with whose names have “Mohamed”, Ahmad”, “Abdullah”, as well as those who are named after Muslim Prophets who are actually drunkards, whore house regular customers, druggies and what nots. I’m not saying that naming them that way is bad. It’s just that I am of the opinion that how Parents raise their Children, the environment they grow up in, their peers, Schooling are all determinants in ensuring how and what a person turns out to be.

My grouse is with some people. They have this overbearing sense of kampungness that they constantly try to instill into my Children. While I have no particular qualms with kampung people, I just do not want my Children growing up into one. While my own ancestry, one that I am proud of, originated from the very same rice fields as that of some people, it does not mean that we must constantly be in some kind of peasant state of mind to be a better Muslim.

As badly as Bahasa Melayu has evolved into some kind of English and Arabic dictionary rip-off with it’s constant poaching of English and Arabic words, so too has Malay culture, albeit by poaching, cultures and traditions of the Arabs, namely the naming of Children.

While many find that it is somewhat of plus point to name one’s Child like an Arabic bedouine, I do not see the point. Does it make them better? Smarter? Pious? NO! So what if I name my Children after some Gaelcian name? What’s wrong with that? Have they ever wondered that maybe some of us have plans? Some of us intend to emmigrate to a better place when time and resources permit? That the naming of one’s Children are in line with one’s potential future plans of moving out of this country? Some of us do have plans and goals in life.

While I have this sense of attachment to some Nordic, Gaelic and whatever distant culture’s names, thanks to my own exposure to different cultures, places and whatnots growing up in different countries, does that make my Children less Muslim? For example, my Spouse’s sibling is married to a foreigner. Their children all live in some distant white man’s fantasy heaven. They all have Malay names but none of them have their genital organs circumsized. So names are but mere facades. They may appear more Muslim in name, perhaps for the benefit of the kampungfolk they meet once of twice a year but otherwise they are, bar pork and alcohol, no more Muslim than the white men in their home country.

To me, if you carry the Prophet’s name, do not use it in shame. I have decided to move away from the standard Malay naming scheme of things simply because I think it is hypocritical. Names like “Danial”, for example, are accepted as Malay names when it is clearly of some mat salleh origin. Whereas some tounguetwister names like that of my Children’s are frowned upon simply because they cannot pronounce it. Well, too bad! If you people cannot speak English, French, Spanish or whatever that’s your problem. Don’t make it mine.

I have come to the conclusion that people will say and do whatever the hell they want, you can’t stop them. Fine. But do not impose your values on me when I clearly do not impose mine on you. We can talk, discuss, and whatever for the sake of intellectual discourse but at the end of the day, values are what makes us. For example, lying about your whereabouts may seem acceptable to some under the guise of “tipu sunat” (a man made way to legitimize lying on the basis of a small lie created to prevent a much bigger disaster. A common tool used by polygamists who are unfair to one or many of their wifewives), to others lying is lying. There are no exceptions to it.

Well, I have virtually given up with a lot of people on this naming issue simply because I feel that they are invading my personal space when it comes to my Spouse & Children. To me that is a line no one should cross, regardless of whatever favours one may have granted to us before, that is a line that must never and should never be crossed. Again, it is a matter of values. Ones value system is highly subjective. A culture that has a phrase like "jaga tepi kain orang" is hardly one that can sit idly by and watch others be non-conformists. To hell with that, dont;t like it? Don’t watch it!

How much longer do we need to feed an old man’s ego?

Posted in Uncategorized by Melayu Lama on February 26, 2011

Just heard…. and it’s bad.

The so called ‘crown jewel’ of the national car industry, the overprotected child of the nation (or more like overprotected child of an old man and his ego) has hit it bad this year.

Higher revenue but a big drop in net profits 58.15% drop in profits from 2009 but revenue grew 39%.

Something is not right here. I don’t care if they spent a lot in Rebranding but I suspect their UK based ‘offspring’ is sucking up a lot of money. That and also it’s not so efficient supply chain perhaps.

If I was on the board of directors, the CEO would go. Chairman too has to be accountable…. But that’s me and believe me accountability is hard to come by these days.

If you asked me, time we moved on and dumped the failed company. Sell it off, cut our losses and spend on something more productive like a well linked and integrated rail based public transport network. Enough is enough, people’s pockets are being burnt just to fuel the man’s ego.

Pas may need a cina buta for this one….

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Like a couple (or in this case threesome) living ‘in sin’, pas and dap have always been the rather odd pair to be in a relationship, much less a long term relationship. Hence why they’ve never really ‘married’ in the proper sense by registering their union which they affectionately dub as ‘pakatan rakyat’.

Yesterday, amidst all the previous openness and blah, blah, blah, blah…. that pas has shown since the inevitable political tsunami of 2008 caused by none other than sleepy pak lah & co, pas seems to be making an bout u-turn by making a new 12-point promise just shortly after losing the Tenang by-election.

Will they be ‘breaking-up’ with their totally opposite sleeping partner yet again? They were in bed together in 1990 indirectly through the now defunct s46. They were s46’s first wife under the marriage of ‘angkatan perpaduan ummah’ while dap was the second wife of s46 via the union of ‘gagasan rakyat’. They then parted ways. In 1999 they got together, this time directly via ‘barisan alternative’ then broke up again in time for the 2004 elections. By the 2008 elections the reconciled like a recently divorced couple and got into yet another polygamous relationship with pkr supposedly the ‘man’ in the marriage but this time dubbing themselves ‘pakatan rakyat’.

As was in the past, Islamization a-la pas did not sit comfortably with dap. Who could forget karpal’s infamous quote “over my dead body” regarding pas’ stand on an Islamic state and Hudud & Qisas?

Anyway, will we be seeing yet another break-up? A couple (or threesome) that cannot set the same course of direction can never be together for the long haul. Are we voters going to become the illigitimate children of these two divorcees yet again?

Anyway, if pas sticks to Islamic principles on marriage they may need to form a union with another political party as their “cina buta” (look it up if you don’t know) should they plan to reconcile again with dap in the future. Because this will make divorce number 3 to the same entity….

Anyway, for more insights on this matter look up:
1. Syed Akbar:
2. Ti Lian Ker:

Losing it big time…

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It’s been a long time. What can I say? The country doesn’t seem appealing to me right now. Why? Because my life seems to go nowhere these days. Can’t land a decent job.

Not to complain but I have had some half-baked talk only kind of assistance from Family members and In-Laws. The kind that say they want to help but actually don’t. It’s ok, I know many take pleasure in seeing others fall. That’s just life.

While my Father’s court cases with the bank as guarantor has been pretty much settled, the seizure and sale proclamation against a defaulting and delinquent tenant remains hanging. But legal fees need to be paid regarless of whether is was successful or not. More money down the drain.

While many think I live super duper easy life not many know that I’ve also developed suicidal tendencies over the past year or so. Times have been really bad, taking a toll on my health and whatever’s left of my wealth. I’ll be basically starting life fresh out of the oven. Penniless and facing an ever sadistic world.

As for politics and what I think of it? They can all do what they want. They’re reaping what they sow so it’s their problem. I have enough shit of my own to worry about.

Son number two is on the way mid-year while Son number one is growing fast and turning two this year.

If God tests his subjects because he loves them then I would really, really like to believe that God loves me very, very much right now.

Anyway, back to the job hunt…

Perhaps they’re fussing over one issue when it should be two?

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Here we have it, the controversial picture featuring the 29 year old female MP of Serdang talking to the congregation at a Surau in Kajang recently.

What alarmed most was the blatant disrespectful display of not covering up her aurat. I can see the logic. Even tourists visiting places of worship (regardless of which religon) know what to do, I’d expect more from a fellow Malaysian.

What is even more alarming in the photo is the guy (supposedly an Imam?) sitting strategically behind the MP, who happens to dress in an outfit much like an SIA stewardess. Is he checking out her behind?

If so, what has nik aziz got to say about that?

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Of Semi Value Ikan Paari….

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In Kelantanese speak “mu gila” means “you’re crazy” and that must have been exactly what MIC members thought of recently sacked MIC Youth Vice-Chief V. Mugilan when he openly called for party president of 31 years and political dinosaur S. Samy Vellu to step down. Ironically, his name Mugilan sounds almost the same as “mu gila”.

What has happened this past week has initiated a chain of events starting with Samy’s retirement announcement, a teaser at best, akin to an analogy of a hot looking woman flashing her tits in public but in a strictly see but no touch fashion. Cock teaser lah. Similarly, this analogy can translate to Samy announcing but never actually retiring.

Well, perhaps that was a bad analogy. I mean Samy is no hot woman, at least not with that hairdo, and if he did flash his tits, the person watching it would probably need to spend on a lot money in therapy to recover from such a trauma.

I digress, back to the MIC.

With Mugilan’s open call for Samy’s retirement many have now followed suit. And like Mugilan, those who have made an open call for the ol’ fossil to leave gracefully have gotten the sack.

Anyway, tomorrow’s the BIG day!

Go GAS! Gerakan Anti-Samy (Vellu) has indeed a hilarious acronym. Much like the reluctant President of MIC: a lot of hot air.

Keep up the good work and get him out before it’s too late….


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Samy should stand in Hulu Selangor

Posted in Uncategorized by Melayu Lama on March 27, 2010

With all the hype surrounding the expected forthcoming by-election for the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat, intense lobbying must surely be the order of the day.

Already, the MIC has stated it’s intentions to have their candidate stand for the said by-election given that it was the seat of their now Deputy President G. Palanivel before losing with a very slim margin in the last GE.

Perhaps the MIC should instead field their President of 30 years, S. Samy Vellu. If anything, as a test of the Indian community’s acceptance of Samy.

While Samy himself has been a woe to MIC and the Indian community it represents, he is rather unwilling to face that fact and clings on to his position even though he himself was unseated at Sungai Siput in the last GE.

Perhaps fielding Samy and having the corresponding by-election results speak for themselves then maybe members and delegates at the next MIC General Assembly can act accordingly.

If the given scenario is that Samy stands as a candidate then loses, correspondingly, the MIC should vote him out of his position as party President. If they still do retain him as President given the hypothetical scenario that Samy contests in Hulu Selangor then the top management of BN should be able to put to rest their assumption that Samy and the MIC should or should not represent the Indian community, particularly in BN.

Fielding Samy in Hulu Selangor will do much for closure’s sake. Not only for the Indian community but for MIC and the BN as well.

It draws a clear line and will answer the question on why the MIC should remain or be booted out of BN.

Personally, my prediction is that if MIC fields Samy, he will lose the by-election and come next MIC General Assembly the dinosour Samy will once again put himself up for re-election as Party President and the delegates will oblige him as always.

Question is, if all these fall into place, will Najib and BN have the balls to kick out or black-ball MIC out and associate themselves with a more accepted party to fill the void?

Something to ponder about….


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Weak leadership: a recipe for a weaker party….

Posted in Uncategorized by Melayu Lama on March 24, 2010

I have to admit that I’ve been following the developments in MCA and at present, it looks like a free for all. The problem with a free for all scenario is that it opens up room for weak wanna-be leaders to contest.

Weak lederhip as it is evident now in BN, stems from the very top of it’s hierarchy. The PM himself is weak. His weakness shows in his avoidance in tackling MCA’s leadership crisis. While his forceful predecessor Dr.M tackled a similar issue with the same party back in the 80’s with much tact, Najib’s avoidance in doing so leaves much to be desired in a Prime Minister.

Presently,there are 3 aspirants going for the top post in MCA. They are the present party President Ir. Ong Tee Keat, immediate past President Ong Ka Ting and recently deposed then reinstated scandal-ridden Deputy President Dr. Chua Soi Lek.

The past....

While there are also aspirants for MCA’s number two post. It is literally of no consequence who holds the post. At least to me it is of little consequence. It’s not like Umno where the Deputy President can (not necessarily will) take over the helm of the country’s administration. Although it will ultimately affect whatever support the community may give to MCA. If they still command such support.

With three aspirants, there will be the possibility of the winner winning by a small margin. In a worse case scenario, the winner may take home 40% support of the delegates while the other two get say 30% each.

The new leader may have a tough time convincing the losers’ and fence sitting party members to give him the support he needs simply because his position is weak.

The present. Although from what I hear, not for long....

With less than half of the party supporting him. He will be open to coup attempts, challenges and being belittled for having the support of less than half of his party members.

Logically, it would make more sense, particularly in these troubled times of MCA’s to have a straight fight between two candidates. The two Ong’s being the two candidates.

I personally rule out Dr. Chua simply because there is no such thing as a comeback after a scandal, at least to me there isn’t. But Dr. Chua may have to thank Pakatan for the opportunity as a similar scandal-ridden state Exco member of theirs too still enjoys her position in office even after being caught with her panties down, literally.

Is this the future of MCA? oh please....

A scandal is a scandal regardless and anyone vying for a place in public office should come to terms and accept the fact that there is no private life when one becomes the property of the public. There is no invasion of privacy simply because there is no privacy. Everything is under scrutiny whether they like it or not. That’s life, deal with it.

So, in all honesty, Dr. Chua’s attempt at running for the top MCA post is more detrimental in the long run. A precedent may be set here.

Now I know many will accuse other politicians of this and that but hey, they were not caught on tape nor on film. They were not charged and they certainly left, either voluntarily or forcibly of out office. Such examples are in the likes of Muhammad Muhd. Taib in 1997 and Khasitah Gaddam in 2003, just to name a few.

While I’m sure some looneys will come out and name Khir Toyo or Rafidah Aziz or even Samy Vellu, the reality is the accusations on the others are mere heresay unless of course it can be proven and they get charged. Otherwise, status quo pre-2008 GE was that any of them caught or charged would be asked to leave.

Post 2008-GE is a different story all together. Candidates involved in money politics can still hang on to the CM of Malacca’s post while a State Exco who was shown to be in a rather compromised position, bearing bush and all, can still sit comfortably in her office in Selangor. Even an MB caught with a briefcase full of dough can make a comeback and stage an attempt to wrestle the number two post in Umno. Thank god he failed!

So, I guess with these precedents already set, why would Dr. Chua want to back down? Unless of course his big boss, the PM and BN Chairman, intervenes and tells him otherwise.

Najib has clearly and repeatedly stressed that he will not interfere with the internal workings and squabblings of MCA. To me that sounds weak. Weak of Najib, that is.

A PM must be decisive. It is not about meddling but rather ensuring that only the best, or in this case, the best amongst the worst can contest. A lot is riding on it.

Weak begets weaker… Think a bout it.


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